PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is a scientifically-backed programme focused on enhancing individual well-being and improving their quality of life. The programme covers six key areas:

·    Positive emotions

·    Resilience

·    Identity (Character Strengths)

·    Meaning

·    Engagement and Stress management

·    Relationships

With the aim of equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme acts a protective shield for personal well-being, much like how a primer coat of paint shields against corrosion and rust. 

Effectiveness of the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

A pilot study was carried out, and results indicated a significant improvement in participants' well-being and resilience. Additionally, the completing the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme also led to a decline in participants' stress levels. 

Note: The findings of improved well-being for the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme are based on a pilot study with 41 participants. Individual results may vary.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes of PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

*Content of each workshop may be subjected to changes
Theme 1: Positive Emotions
  • How do we label and make sense of our emotions?
  • What are effective ways to manage our emotions?
  • How can we apply evidence-based strategies to boost positive emotions in life?
  • Theme 2: Resilience
  • What is resilience?
  • How can we identify and reframe unhealthy thinking traps that hinder resilience in life?
  • What are some of the effective strategies to build long-term resilience?
  • Theme 3: Identity
  • How can we embrace our self-identity through character strengths
  • What are signature strengths?
  • How can we use character strengths to overcome challenges?
  • Relating strength overuse and underuse to our daily lives
  • Theme 4: Meaning
  • What is ‘Meaning in Life’?
  • What are ways to experience meaning and valued-living?
  • How can we find meaning during challenging times?
  • Theme 5: Engagement and Stress Management
  • What is Flow and Engagement?
  • What are the conditions to experience flow in life?
  • How can we manage our stresses effectively?
  • What is mindfulness and how does it improve engagement and relieve stress?
  • Theme 6: Relationships
  • What are the 7 elements of close relationships?
  • How can we apply active listening and active constructive responding to improve relationships?
  • How can we express empathy towards others?
  • Practising self-compassion
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    What you will receive

    • Digital Training Slides
    • Activity Booklet (Electronic Copy)
    • Completion Certificate

    Flexibility and Customisation

    Make the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme work for you! We can customise it for your employees, teachers or students. Email us at and we will respond within 3 business working days.

    Hear what the participants have to say

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    FAQs for PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

    The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is suitable for students (youths) and adults who seek to improve their mental well-being through the application of positive psychology principles and interventions. No previous experience in the field is necessary. However, if you have a pre-existing mental or physical health condition, please let us know so that we can discuss your suitability for the programme.

    The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is not a substitute for medical treatment for mental illnesses. This programme focuses on promoting individual well-being through positive psychology knowledge and skills. If you suspect you may have a mental health issue, it is best to seek help from a medical professional or mental health specialist.

    Participants will engage with activities from the workbook to apply and reinforce the knowledge gained from the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme. These activities are meant to be informative and reflective, but are not formal assessments.