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PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is an evidence-based positive psychology program that aims to boost individual well-being and quality of life. It is a comprehensive well-being programme centred on six themes:

·    Positive emotions

·    Resilience

·    Identity (character strengths)

·    Meaning

·    Engagement and stress management

·    Relationships

Just like how a primer coat of paint protects against corrosion and rust; our PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is designed to equip individuals with relevant knowledge and skills to improve personal wellbeing.

Effectiveness of the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

In a pilot research study conducted, our participants showed significant improvement in their wellbeing and resilience. They also experienced a decrease in perceived stress levels after completing the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme. 

Disclaimer: The significant improvements in wellbeing reported for individuals who had undergone the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme were based on a pilot research study comprising 41 participants. Improvements in wellbeing may vary between individuals.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes of PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

*Content of each workshop may be subjected to changes
Theme 1: Positive Emotions
  • How do we label and make sense of our emotions?
  • What are effective ways to manage our emotions?
  • How can we apply evidence-based strategies to boost positive emotions in life?
  • Theme 2: Resilience
  • What is resilience?
  • How can we identify and reframe unhealthy thinking traps that hinder resilience in life?
  • What are some of the effective strategies to build long-term resilience?
  • Theme 3: Identity
  • How can we embrace our self-identity through character strengths
  • What are signature strengths?
  • How can we use character strengths to overcome challenges?
  • Relating strength overuse and underuse to our daily lives
  • Theme 4: Meaning
  • What is ‘Meaning in Life’?
  • What are ways to experience meaning and valued-living?
  • How can we find meaning during challenging times?
  • Theme 5: Engagement and Stress Management
  • What is Flow and Engagement?
  • What are the conditions to experience flow in life?
  • How can we manage our stresses effectively?
  • What is mindfulness and how does it improve engagement and relieve stress?
  • Theme 6: Relationships
  • What are the 7 elements of close relationships?
  • How can we apply active listening and active constructive responding to improve relationships?
  • How can we express empathy towards others?
  • Practising self-compassion
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    What you will receive

    • A set of PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme training slides (soft copy)
    • A PRIMER Activity Booklet with over 30+ exercises and activities (e-copy)
    • Certificate of Completion for PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

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    Saturday & Sunday

    (Adults >18 years old)


    Run 1: 3 Dec & 4 Dec 2022

    Run 2: 7 Jan & 8 Jan 2023

    Run 3: 4 Feb & 5 Feb 2023 

    9:00am - 5:30pm

    Pre-programme Get-to-Know each other session on ZOOM: 

    2 Dec (Fri) 7:30pm - 8:30pm (highly encouraged to join)



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    All timings are in Singapore Standard Time (GMT +8).

    Flexibility and Customisation

    The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is highly flexible and customisable for various target audience. For organisations/schools that are interested to engage us to conduct the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme for your employees/teachers/students, please indicate your interest by email us at and we will get back to you within 3 business working days.

    Hear what the participants have to say

    PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme – Client Video Testimonials

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    FAQs for PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

    The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme is suitable for youths and adults who wish to apply positive psychology knowledge, tools and interventions in their personal or professional life to enhance individual mental wellbeing. No prior knowledge or experience in positive psychology is required. If you have any acute/chronic mental or physical illness, please indicate in your registration so that we can arrange a conversation with you to determine whether this programme is suitable for you. 

    Please note that the PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme does not serve to treat mental illnesses. Instead, this programme serves to provide positive psychology knowledge and skills that are meant to enhance individual wellbeing. If you feel you might have a mental health condition/already exhibiting significant symptoms of a psychological disorder, please consult a doctor or mental health professional instead.

    Although there are no assessments, participants are encouraged to attempt some of the activities from the e-workbook (1 activity of choice for each theme).