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Creating flourishing individuals, schools and organisations through positive psychology

Training Programmes

PRIMERTM Well-Being Programme

Experience transformation to your life through the 6 pillars of well-being: Positive Emotions, Resilience, Identity, Meaning, Engagement and Relationships

Fundamentals of Positive Education

Learn the science of wellbeing and integrate positive education into classrooms for students to thrive in social and emotional learning competencies

PRIMERTM Wellbeing Program (Corporate)

Invigorate employees’ well-being by achieving optimal functioning and performance through positive psychology

Strengths Profile Coaching

Reach your fullest potential and achieve the dreams using strengths-based coaching

Our values are what makes us different


Inspire lives through narratives


Serve the larger community and transform lives



Extend compassion to self and others


Create safe spaces for people to be true to themselves


Impact lives in the community, one person at a time


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