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Positive Psychology

Your Proactive Strategy for a Thriving Life

With technological advancements, the rise of AI, and embracing the uncertainties of a post-pandemic world, life seems to be moving too fast for us. At times, we do not have the time to pause, and new challenges come swarming our way.

Whether you're a working professional, parent, teacher, or student, no one is exempt from this reality. For some, life is feeling like a relentless struggle in a fighting arena.

So, can we thrive despite life's challenges? Is victory possible amid such adversities?

The Positive Arena, founded by Matthew, is built on this very notion. With a clear mission, Matthew is dedicated to imparting applied knowledge and skills in positive psychology, aiming to bring about systemic changes across organisations, schools, and communities.

The goal is clear: To provide everyone with the opportunity to not just survive, but to truly thrive in life.

Coaching and Training Programmes

PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme

Engage us to conduct a holistic and comprehensive, evidence-based training and coaching programme, enabling your individual employees to flourish through the six pillars of Well-being: Positive Emotions, Resilience, Identity, Meaning, Engagement, and Relationships.

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Developing High Performing Teams through Strengths

This individual and team coaching program, rooted in the renowned Strengths Profile by Cappfinity, allows teams to better understand and apply their individual and collective strengths in the workplace to meet team and organisational goals.

'Me to We': Building Emotional Resilience and Effective Communication for a Thriving Workplace

We spotlight change from the inside out, working with teams to regulate their emotions and become stronger intrapersonal communicators, before improving their interpersonal communication, to achieve collective resilience and success.

Matthew Life Coach

Life Coaching for Working Professionals

Matthew has designed a unique life coaching programme that helps working professionals who feel unhappy in their careers and lives to get unstuck, find clarity, and move toward a career or life redesign where they can truly thrive.

Positive Education Training Programmes for Schools

We have established a series of training programmes to improve teachers', school leaders' and students' engagement and wellbeing using evidence-based positive education & coaching psychology.

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