"Teach Less, Coach More"

A Practical Guide for Educators to Unleash Youth Potential Through Coaching Conversations

Do you find it challenging to educate and nurture today’s youth? Are you wondering how you can help them overcome challenges and unleash their full potential in life?” The book ‘Teach Less, Coach More: A Practical Guide for Educators to Unleash Youth Potential through Coaching Conversations’ is designed for educators, parents, mentors and anyone tasked with the responsibility and privilege of shaping young minds. This book will show you how coaching can be a powerful tool to guide youths through their challenges, whether these involve fear of failure, thoughts of dropping out of school, or uncertainty about their future academic and career paths. Through real-life examples, simulated teacher-student coaching conversations, and reflective questions, this book will equip you with the tools and confidence needed to coach youths effectively. Written by Matthew, an award-winning educator with over a decade of experience teaching and coaching youths, this concise and practical guide provides insights into unlocking the potential of youths through coaching conversations.

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