Welcome to The Positive Arena! If you are facing mounting life challenges and seeking support, you have come to the right place. Picture your life as a fighting arena, where you confront daily battles, stressors, and goals. If you feel like you are merely surviving, I'm here to show you that thriving and victory amidst chaos are within reach.

As your ally, sounding board, and guide, I specialize in evidence-based positive psychology and coaching techniques to help you navigate life's peaks and valleys, and achieve meaningful goals. Are you prepared to uncover your inner warrior and craft your best life? Remember, you do not need to face your battles alone. Together, I will help you overcome life's challenges and unlock your extraordinary potential.


“Empowering individuals to create purposeful and joyful lives using evidence-
based positive psychology and coaching”

From Surviving to Thriving

Growing up, life was challenging. At 17, my parents separated, and I became the sole caregiver for my mother, who was battling with depression and bipolar disorder. Juggling multiple part-time jobs and school, I was trying hard to make ends meet. I desperately wanted to gain back control of my own life and unknowingly, I became a self-driven perfectionist. I was relentless in my pursuit of success, tolerating no failures.

In my early career, I started feeling trapped in a cycle of pleasing others to climb the corporate ladder, losing my self-identity and making decisions based on external expectations. This disconnection from my true self fuelled my curiosity about the components of a flourishing and thriving life. That's when I discovered Positive Psychology and Coaching – a way to break free and reconnect with my inner voice, redesigning a life true to myself. If you face similar struggles, remember you're not alone. I've been there, and I'm here to help you rise above and live life on your terms.


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