At The Positive Arena, we are committed to empowering individuals to lead flourishing lives through evidence-based Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

We help individuals, schools, and organisations thrive, not merely survive, by providing them with effective tools to cultivate resilience, positivity, and meaning in life.


“Using evidence-based positive psychology and coaching to create impactful transformations in individuals, schools and organisations.”

Meet The Team

Matthew Koh
Master Trainer, Facilitator & Positive Psychology Coach

• MSc. Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (Distinction)
• Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation
• Certified Behavioural Consultant (DISC)
• Certified Strengths Profile Practitioner
• Certified SPARK Resilience Trainer
• Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher
• Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

Matthew Koh is the Managing Director at The Positive Arena. He specialises in designing and delivering wellbeing and social emotional learning training programmes for schools and corporate organisations.

His journey into this field was inspired by the increasing mental health challenges faced by younger generations, especially in schools and among Gen Zs and Millennials in the workforce. A strong advocate for a proactive and sustainable approach to mental health, Matthew emphasises the importance of learning and applying positive psychology skills for thriving in life, not just surviving.

With a decade of rich experience in education and adult training, Matthew is well-versed in curriculum development, pedagogy, facilitation, and school leadership. His training and coaching sessions are marked by his authenticity and compassion. Having accumulated nearly 450 hours of coaching experience, he is working towards his Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Some of the clients Matthew has worked with include Citibank, Guocoland, FlexOS, Indigo & Co, Decor & Dwell, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Assumption Pathway School etc. As a Positive Psychology lecturer, Matthew has also trained many students to become well-being specialists and positive psychology practitioners, contributing to systemic positive change in individuals, schools, and organisations.

Drawing on his extensive experience in education, he authored ‘Teach Less, Coach More, a guide for parents, teachers, and youth leaders to unlock youth potential through coaching conversations. Additionally, he hosts “The Positive Arena Podcast, ” where he invites global guests to discuss various aspects of positive psychology and coaching. With a significant online presence, Matthew has garnered nearly 6500 followers on LinkedIn and is recognised as the LinkedIn Top Voice for Life and Personal Coaching.

Dawn Foo
Master Trainer, Communication and Emotional Intelligence Coach

• Certified Solution Focused Practitioner
• Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation
• Certificate in Counselling for Education and Career Guidance (DISC)
• Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
• Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Polytechnic Educators

Dawn is a strong advocate of enhancing effective workplace communication skills for all. Through her 25-year career in the media, healthcare, legal, education and social service sectors, she has focused on coaching and developing the strengths of individuals to help them achieve career and personal success through effective interpersonal relationships.

Her portfolio includes corporate communications and organisational development, training design, delivery, and development. She started her career as a Public Prosecutor with the Ministry of Manpower and joined MediaCorp as part of the corporate communications team overseeing internal and external communications for the network of 13 radio stations. As a former lecturer, Internship Academic Supervisor, and Career Guidance Counsellor - she has personally guided more than 100 students in a Professional Preparation module transiting them into successful internship placements in various companies.

Over the past 12 years, she has designed and delivered training for close to 3000 students and adult learners - on topics relating to language and communication skills (effective writing, presentation, interpersonal communication, teamwork) and self-leadership skills (emotional intelligence and resilience). She is also a Certified Career Counsellor coaching individuals on effective job search skills. She coaches clients and speaks on the topic of Workplace Emotional Intelligence, advocating for ADHD professionals, as well as hiring and developing neurodiverse talent in companies.

Some of the clients she has worked with include Crescent Girls Secondary, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University, National Environment Agency, Parkway Health, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force and Red Alpha Cybersecurity.

Dawn believes that to effectively relate to others, we first need to be excellent intrapersonal communicators and build decision confidence. She thrives on conversations about expressing emotions healthily for personal and professional success.