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About Us

About Us

The Positive Arena is a training, coaching and consultancy firm that strives to improve the wellbeing of individuals, schools and organisations using evidence-based positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Our highest impact offering: The PRIMERTM Wellbeing Programme was specially designed and delivered to improve the lives of individuals within the community, schools and organisations using evidence-based positive psychology.  

We bring Positive Education training and consultancy to schools, enabling students, teachers and school leaders to thrive. To help organisations flourish, The Positive Arena offers a variety of bespoke wellbeing training programmes, executive coaching and strengths profiling to help employees and organisations reach their best potential. 

If you are looking for an engaging corporate trainer, keynote speaker or coach to help you,  your school or organisation flourish using positive psychology, please feel free to contact us at  

How’s Your Day – A Short Film Production

How’s Your Day – Short Film

Linus (the father) is an office worker who works long hours at the expense of spending time with his family. Daniel (the son) is a senior high school student who engages in part-time work to support the family financially. After a long day at work, Daniel asks his father "How's Your Day?", which triggers an authentic conversation and connection between the father and son.

Our Mission

“To improve the wellbeing of individuals, schools and organisations using evidence-based practice of positive psychology and coaching psychology”

Our Values


Serve the larger community and transform lives

Create safe spaces for people to be true to themselves


Impact lives in the community, one person at a time


Extend compassion to self and others


Inspire lives through narratives


Matthew Koh


  • MSc. Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (Distinction)
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation
  • Accredited Practitioner in Strengths Profile (Level 2)
  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

Matthew is the Founder, Master Trainer & Coach of The Positive Arena. He specialises in designing and delivering wellbeing and social emotional learning training programmes for schools and corporate organisations.

Matthew holds a MSc. Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. Being an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), he has experience coaching youths, employees and managers to improve work engagement, performance and wellbeing. With more than 10 years of teaching experience within the education sector, Matthew provides training programmes to equip teachers and school leaders with Positive Education knowledge and skills, in order to inculcate a culture of wellbeing within schools to help students thrive in both academic studies and social emotional learning competencies. Matthew is also an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner who runs strengths workshop for teams to embed a culture where their people, teams and managers work together to appreciate and bring out the best in everyone. 

One of the highest impact training programmes that Matthew has designed is the PRIMER Wellbeing Programme, which equips individuals with evidence-based knowledge and skills to improve personal wellbeing using positive psychology & coaching.