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Coaching Services

Does your life lack meaning and direction, or you see a great need to reconnect with your strengths to embrace your unique self? If you seek to build personal awareness or a safe space to gain new perspectives of the challenges you are facing in life, our individualised coaching service catalyses the change that you desire.

Coaching is simply a product development process, with you as the desired end product.” – Matthew Koh

A. Strengths Profile Coaching

What would you do differently if you knew your strengths and which careers enabled you to use them? Strengths Profile reveals your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses for a more conscious career.

Complete a 180-question strengths profile questionnaire which allows you to have complete understanding of your full set of 60 strengths and where they sit within the 4 quadrants. The coach will spend 60 minutes to debrief, coach and review your strengths in the aim to bring out the best in you by giving you the language, confidence and action plan to achieve your life or career goals. Unlock your hidden potential now!

‘People who use their strengths experience higher levels of wellbeing and authenticity’

B. Meaning and Valued-Living Transformation Programme

Are you feeling lost, unhappy with how your life is playing out and you started wondering what constitutes meaning in your life? The Meaning & Valued-Living Transformation Programme helps you connect with your "WHY" so that you can bear any "HOW" in life! It is a journey in which you work towards becoming the best version of yourself in both personal and professional domains of life through an evidence-based positive psychology approach. 

You will achieve clarity on self-identity and understand the careers that might best suit you to experience meaningful living. Get ready to connect with yourself at a deeper level and witness that positive transformation change as you design your life that you wouldn't have imagined, one that thrives and not merely survives. 

Book a FREE 30-min Discovery Call with Matthew to find out more! 

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C. Coaching for Educators and Students

We provide coaching services to help students, educators and school leaders flourish within the education sector. The coaching sessions range between 3 – 5 sessions of 1 hour each. Before commencement of any coaching sessions, there will be a pre-coaching chemistry session, which is a no-obligation complimentary chat with the coach to test chemistry and share the expectations of the coaching sessions. 

Possible areas of coaching are shown below (Please hover your mouse over the images): 

Coaching for Educators & School Leaders

Areas of Coaching

  • Burnout, Stress Management & Well-being
  • Strategic Directions and Goals for School Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning Issues
  • Adaptation to Educational Trends

Coaching for Students (Aged 16 and above)

Areas of Coaching

  • Procrastination and Motivation Issues
  • Stress Management & Well-being
  • Effective Learning Strategies / Soft Skills Development
  • Self-Identity, Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Career and Further Studies

Coaching Testimonials from Clients

Contact us for coaching:

Whether you are an individual seeking any of the coaching services above or organisations that wish to engage us to coach your employees, please indicate your interest by email us at and we will get back to you within 3 business working days.