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Coaching with Matthew

Are you searching for purpose and direction in life? Do you wish to tap and leverage on your strengths so that you are connected with your inner-self? Our personalised coaching offers a safe space for you to gain new perspectives on life's challenges and achieve the transformation you desire!

Coaching is simply a product development process, with you as the desired end product.” 

 Matthew Koh

Unlocking Strengths: An Inside-Out Approach

Are you ready to unleash your inner potential? Our Strengths Profile Coaching session unlocks your strengths from the inside-out, giving you the understanding, confidence and action plan to reach your personal and career goals. You will gain a full understanding of your 60 unique strengths and where they fit within 4 quadrants (realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours, and weaknesses) 

In a 60-minute debrief, Matthew will review and coach you on your strengths to help you develop a language, confidence, and action plan to achieve your life or career goals. 

To reinforce your newfound knowledge, you'll also receive a complementary Strengths Activity Booklet to jot down your learnings and create a plan for leveraging your strengths in daily life. 

Don't miss this opportunity to bring out the best in yourself!

‘People who use their strengths experience higher levels of wellbeing and authenticity’

A.C.T.I.V.E Transformation Coaching Programme

Are you an early or mid-career working professionals who is feeling 'stuck' and unfulfilled in your professional or personal life?


Do you feel that...

  • You are becoming more unhappy about how your life is playing out and you started wondering what exactly constitutes meaning in life? 
  • You are a people pleaser who is leading a life based on what everybody dictates and expects of you without fulfilling any of your inner desires? 
  • You are tired of constantly being told by others what you are supposed to do in life, and you start to doubt your own abilities and judgement, making it hard to trust your own instincts
  • You have lost sight of your self-identity or you are transitioning to a new stage of life which you hope to align with your unique strengths, gifts and values? 
  • You are going through the daily motions of life and there seems to be a 'lack' that you have been figuring out for the longest time. 
  • You are drifting aimlessly and you desire for a deeper connection with self, hoping to see a purpose behind this one life that you have.

Break free from meeting others' expectations and find joy, fulfillment, and purpose in both your personal and professional life. Join the A.C.T.I.V.E Transformation Coaching Programme to connect with your "why" and create a happy and meaningful life.

Are you ready to redesign a life that is "MEANINGFUL" in your own terms?

Session 1: Unlocking Strengths
Unlock your innate strengths to reach maximum potential so that you are able to make better life decisions by knowing what you do well and love to do. Have clarity on the careers that best match your strengths so that you are empowered to make energising choices about your future.
Session 2: Connecting with My Values
Assess your core values using various techniques and pursue value-congruent actions in your life.
Session 3: Sailboat of Life
Imagining you as the captain of your life (boat), this will be an engaging session to help you assess your life from a bird’s eye view and deep dive into every facet that makes up your life.
Session 4: Trinity of Meaning
Gain clarity on the complex topic of meaningful living, and you will be provided with tools to assess and increase meaning in life from a positive psychology approach - exploring the breadth, depth and weight of meaning.
Sessions 5 - 8: Creating a Life that Matters
After having an intense dive into understanding who you are and the best pathways to build a meaningful life, we will explore across a span of 4 sessions on how you can take action and commit to this path towards a life that flourishes and is of deep meaning and value to you.

A.C.T.I.V.E Transformation Coaching Programme Workbooks & Activities

Coaching for Educators & Students

Transform your teaching or student experience with personalised life coaching. Matthew, an experienced educator, offers a customised 1-1 coaching programme to help you find renewed inspiration and drive in your career or studies. Discover your passions, set goals with your values, and achieve success with purpose. Don't let obstacles stand in your way. Schedule your free coaching discovery call now! 

(You may explore the areas Matthew coaches on by hovering over the images below)


Coaching for Educators & School Leaders

Areas of Coaching

  • Burnout, Stress Management & Well-being
  • Strategic Directions and Goals for School Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning Issues
  • Adaptation to Educational Trends

Coaching for Students (Aged 16 and above)

Areas of Coaching

  • Procrastination and Motivation Issues
  • Stress Management & Well-being
  • Effective Learning Strategies / Soft Skills Development
  • Self-Identity, Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Career and Further Studies

Why should I book a Coaching Consultation Call with Matthew?

Get the most out of your FREE 30-minute coaching consultation call with Matthew (valued at $300). During this call, you'll have the opportunity to:


(i) Assess your current state and understand the root causes of your challenges

(ii) Learn about Matthew's coaching approach and how he will tailor his approach to your specific needs to unpack your next steps

(iii) Gain clarity and of your goals and how Matthew would work together with you moving forward  


After the video call, you will also receive: 

Plus, receive a FREE Wellbeing Assessment Report and a Journalling Booklet on Boosting Positivity in Life, valued at $50.



Schedule your FREE call today!


Note: This coaching consultation call is for those seeking real change and growth. We take a serious approach to coaching and will only accept genuine requests. Spam contacts will not be entertained.

Why should you choose Matthew as your coach when he does not provide solutions?

Empowering You to Succeed:

Matthew recognise the inherent potential in all his clients to creatively solve problems and find solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. It is important to remember that what may work for one person may not be the same for you.

Making Sense of What Exactly is Going on:

When clients share about challenges they faced in life, Matthew will facilitate in exploring the links between different situations that his clients share.

Unpacking Your Thoughts & Emotions through Deep Questioning:

Matthew's role as a coach is to help you get to the root of your thoughts and emotions by asking challenging questions. These questions can help you uncover hidden thoughts and beliefs, bring awareness to inconsistencies, and bring to light any inner conflicts you may have. It is not always easy to confront these aspects of ourselves, but Matthew will provide a safe space for you to explore and process these difficult topics.

Bringing Self-Awareness through Coaching:

Matthew employs active listening and closely observe your language, problem descriptions, emotions and body language. He will use these cues to bring your unconscious thoughts and feelings to consciousness, improving your self-awareness and understanding of self.

Becoming Your Own Change Agent:

Matthew provides accountability and continual encouragement to help you consistently work towards your goals. Have you ever set a goal, but let it fall by the wayside due to procrastination? A good coach like Matthew will not let that happen.

Coaching Testimonials from Clients

Contact Matthew for coaching:

For any organisations that wish to engage Matthew to coach your employees/teachers/students, please indicate your interest by emailing us at and we will get back to you within 3 business working days.